Listing Schedule

New listings generally go live at 6pm on Fridays (this is sometimes amended and there are occasionally weeks where no new items are listed). A summary of what has been listed in recent weeks and what is to be listed in the next few weeks is shown below:

3rd June: Crowns, Double Florins, Halfcrowns, Florins.

10th June: Shillings, Sixpences, Small Silver.

17th June: Large silver coins.

25th June: Shillings, Sixpences and Small Silver including a few Maundy Sets.

29th June (Wed): Copper and Bronze.

Following this there will be 2 consecutive weeks where no new listings are added as I will be away on holiday from 2nd-16th July. There will be no dispatch while I am away, the deadline for orders to be posted before I go away is noon 1st July.

Following this I can still take orders but there will be no dispatch until 18th July. Items can also be reserved by email to be paid/dispatched on my return.